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Short of the Week


A film by Samuel M. Delgado y Helena Girón.

Genre: Documentary / Experimental
Filmed with expired 16mm color negative film. Handmade developed.
Voices recorded by Luis Diego Cuscoy between 1965 and 1969 on the island of Tenerife.
Filmed in 2014 on Ye. Island of Lanzarote.
4:3. Stereo. 11min. Spanish. VOSI. Year: 2015

Sound desing and mix by Juan Carlos Blancas

Enedina Perdomo, Carmen Montero.
Voices: Zacarías Campos Cruz, Luis Diego Cuscoy, Nazario Hernández Siverio

Since airplanes did not exist, people moved around using prayers, they went from one land to another and returned early, before dawn.
In old audio recordings, the voices of pastors speak of the mythical existence of witches and their travels. In the daily life of a woman the magic of her tales begin to materialize as night falls. Night is the time when travel is possible.

Curated by The Short Film Lab in collaboration with Lara González Lobo

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