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The Short Film Lab is a training program dedicated to short film distribution. Online and free, aimed at Spanish speakers independent producers.


The Short Film Lab combines a free training program, open to the public; and a series of tailormade mentorships for selected projects through an open call.

In order to spot the diverse paths for each type of short film, the open activities are lead by Spanish-speaking professionals and address issues related to planning festival strategies, niche circuits and regional calendars.

On the other hand, projects representatives selected from a call, receive tailor-made mentorships, in order to advise on the definition of their objectives and the strategies to follow to achieve them.

In a virtual format, suitable for cultural activity decentralization and for the democratization of training programs, it is a meeting and teamwork platform.


The Short Film Lab aims to boost the professional growth of its participants. May their mentorships enrich people as well as short films, and guide them towards a distribution circuit designed according to each of them.

It is proposed to promote the visibility of the large number of short films produced in Argentina and in the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries. In this way, make known new and diverse voices, carriers of their identity and those of their communities, to the whole world.

Acerca de

We believe in short films as a production format, as an autonomous piece with its own purposes.
We believe in its artistic, technical and narrative value and quality.
This is why we created

The Short Film Lab.

Capacitaciones abiertas


SE DARÁN EN VIVO DE LUNES A VIERNES A LAS 18:30 AR | 17:30 CH | 16:30 COL | 15:30 CDM.


Si querés recibir un recordatorio podés anotarte aquí.



¿Cuáles son los principales festivales internacionales que reciben cortos en México? ¿Qué perfiles curatoriales tienen? IMCINE presenta posibles recorridos para cortos hablados en español dentro de México.



¿Cómo incorporar los mercados en el circuito de distribución de un cortometraje? CinemaChile presenta mercados de cine, una instancia clave en el recorrido desde el desarrollo hasta la venta.



Desde la experiencia de la Plataforma BOGOSHORTS abordaremos conceptos y estrategias para amplificar las posibilidades de la distribución de los cortometrajes a partir de tener un ejercicio de comunicaciones enfocado y sólido.



Katherina Harder, directora del corto chileno Estrellas del desierto, cuenta cómo llevó adelante la distribución de su película de manera independiente. Desde su paso por The Short Film Lab 2022, con proyección en más de 100 festivales de todo el mundo, hasta un estreno comercial en salas un año más tarde.



Invitamos a cortometrajistas colombianos a una sesión de preguntas y respuestas sobre el catálogo Refresh, la presencia del corto en el BAM (Bogotá Audiovisual Market) y el apoyo internacional de Proimágenes Colombia para cortos.


Official Selection

Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png
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Forma 3_edited_edited.png
Forma 3_edited_edited.png

5 formas de borrar un chupón

I already dressed up as a murdered star

Fiction 6' / Chile.

D: Tomás Maglione P: Juan Renau & Tomás Maglione.

FRAME 1_Donde terminan las cosas.jpg

Donde terminan las cosas
The Son That

Fiction 14' / Argentina.

D: Sal Lencina P: Sal Lencina.

El Cuero -Still-2.jpg

El Cuero

Desert Lights

Fiction 19' / Chile.

D: Katherina Harder Sacre P: Elliot Morfi, Selva González & Katherina Harder Sacre.

Fotograma 4.png

La casa de arena
The Magic Stone

Fiction 8' / Chile.

D: Paula Herrera Vivas P: Paula Herrera Vivas.


La fuerza

The Strength

Fiction 16' / Argentina.

D: Renata Juncadella

P: Julieta Juncadella

Captura de Pantalla 2023-03-23 a la(s) 23.24.59 (1).png

La reforma

The Reform

Fiction 10' / Perú.

D: Gustavo Robinson

P: Gustavo Robinson

Comité de selección

Lara Gonzalez Lobo

Uriel Kuzniecki

Facundo Lema

Maca Herrera Bravo


Los de abajo


Fiction 18' / Argentina.

D: Bernabé Gallac & Guillermo del Pino

P: Duilio Gatti



The Short Film Lab is a non-profit program that promotes young independent production professionals, helping them to enter the market, an essential issue from the cultural economies point of view.
This space provides tools to obtain the best results from each distribution plan (whether to close a good deal with a potential distributor or sales agent or to absorb that work internally, as often happens in the independent circuit).

It connects people and institutions with the common goal of amplifying new, diverse, de-stereotyped and honest discourses.

We invite institutions and entities to collaborate with economic contributions and partnerships of all kinds.
Ideas, proposals, and many small forces coming together to make a big difference are welcome.

Contact us here!

The Short Film Lab is supported by


The Institut français d'Argentine aims at promoting French culture in Argentina in a process of openness and constant dialogue with local partners. It works in close collaboration with all the services of the French Embassy, under the authority of the French Ambassador in Argentina.
It is an instrument of cooperation and influence as well as a pole of expertise and collaboration. Its Director is also a Counselor for cooperation and cultural action at the French Embassy.
Regional audiovisual cooperation, based in Buenos Aires, has a triple mission of dissemination, cooperation, and building associations, in four major fields of action: cinema, music, digital cultures, and media.


Image and Sound Design career of the SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN AND URBANISM, of the University of Buenos Aires has been training creative professionals for audiovisual media for 30 years.
The teaching is oriented to the knowledge of creation, production, marketing and distribution in cinema, television and new media.
Within the prestigious framework of the public university, the training provided, allows graduates to be creators of the new audiovisual content that society requires, with artistic and creative freedom and high professional capacity.

Color-Logos-2021 (1).png

The Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE) is a decentralized public body created in 1983 to promote the development of Mexican cinematographic and audiovisual activities through support for training, production, stimulation of creators, promotion of the industry and the promotion, distribution, exhibition, diffusion and dissemination of cinema and audiovisual throughout the national territory and in its various languages.
Its objectives include promoting, coordinating and encouraging the production, distribution and exhibition of Mexican cinema and audiovisuals, through the Churubusco Azteca Studios, the Cinematographic Training Center, the National Film Archive and other institutions and entities that are necessary for the fulfilment of its work program both nationally and internationally

Logo Proimágenes Colombia_COLOR.png

Proimágenes seeks to consolidate and solidify the Colombian film industry, becoming a privileged setting for the coordination of public and sectoral policies, and for the articulation of the game´s rules that specify and promote the country's film industry.

APA LAB is an animation projects laboratory for producers, authors, students and industry professionals who have short film projects or animation series in development stage.


Union is by force.

The Network of Patagonian Audiovisual Festivals was created with the intention of shortening distances, strengthening ties, communication and interaction between festivals in the Argentine-Chilean Patagonian region. In this way, promote the creation of new spaces/screens to defend the diversity and cultural identity of the peoples of the region, guaranteeing the viewer's right to a plurality of cinematographic options.

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-06 a la(s) 13.38.29.png

An independent culture and audiovisual production house founded with the aim of enhancing new ideas and talents, promoting innovative and high quality products targeted at the domestic and international market.

The company carries out consultancy activities for the development and implementation of cultural and film projects, for the analysis of screenplays and support in the creation of storyboards . The company has organised the Castello Errante. Residenza Internazionale del Cinema project since 2017. 


Retina Latina is a digital platform to watch Latin American cinema, of public nature and free access for citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean. In its implementation, it had the support of the Inter-American Development Bank-IDB and currently has the support of the UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity. The project is developed by six film entities in the region:
Bolivian Film and Audiovisual Development Agency (Adecine) – BOLIVIA
Institute for the Promotion of Creativity and Innovation (IFCI) – ECUADOR
Directorate of Audiovisual, Phonography and New Media of the Ministry of Culture of Peru -PERU
Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE)
Directorate of the National Cinema and Audiovisual of Uruguay (ICAU) - URUGUAY
Direction of Audiovisual, Cinema and Interactive Media, in charge of the coordination and technical secretary – COLOMBIA
Users located in Latin America and the Caribbean, a territory in which the largest number of movies in the catalogue are available, must register by filling out a form or through their social network accounts (Facebook and Twitter). Registering allows you to enjoy a diverse panorama of Latin American cinema totally free. The site and the other original content offered (News, reviews, interviews, articles) can be accessed without registration and from anywhere in the world.

Short film is where innovative storytelling is born. With the internet, the quality and diversity of fresh voices is exploding, yet it’s harder than ever for emerging filmmakers to reach a wider audience and break into the industry.

Founded in 2007 by Andrew Allen and Jason Sondhi, Short of the Week has become the preeminent voice in online film curation built on scouring the web to discover and promote the new wave of emerging filmmakers creating innovative stories for online audiences. 


Talking Shorts is an online film magazine dedicated to short films.

Our goal is to make shorts more visible and to create a wider discourse about the artform, closely connected to the international film festival landscape.
This project is a co-initiative founded in 2020 by Filmfest Dresden, NISI MASA & VIS Vienna Shorts, and also houses the industry-initiative BE SHORT NOW!


Today, the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival is the world's largest film festival dedicated to short films. In terms of audience and professional presence, it is the second-largest film festival in France after Cannes.

LOGO PRISMA bajada UC.png

Prisma is an audiovisual distributor that seeks to make the works produced by students in the Audiovisual Direction career at the Faculty of Communications of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile known and projected beyond the university environment.

On September 7, 2021, after a year of design and creation work in the midst of a pandemic, Prisma Distribución has its launch and begins the distribution of its first 10 short films, selected under rigorous evaluation by internal and external juries of the Faculty. Annual calls will be opened to expand its catalog and thus benefit more students.

We play the role of intermediaries between the creators and the possible exhibition windows for the finished pieces, working collaboratively on the creation of an adequate distribution route that brings out the maximum potential of each of the works.





We are Maca Herrera Bravo (1989) and Facundo Lema (1990), image and sound designers, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires.
Our short film
“Monster God” directed by Agustina San Martín, has been awarded the special mention of the jury in the Official Competition at the 72º Festival de Cannes and declared of interest by the Senate of the Argentine Nation.


Since its premiere in 2019, it has participated in more than 40 festivals around the world, including four class A festivals according to the FIAPF. 

Facundo Lema

Facundo has developed his professional career at film festivals such as Dubai International Film Festival, Mar del Plata International Film Festival and BAFICI.
In 2018 he was selected to be part of the
Locarno Industry Academy for young professionals (Morelia, Mexico).
In 2019 he served as 
Coordinator of the BAL -Buenos Aires Lab, BAFICI's project development and co-production platform. And he has been part of IFFR PRO, the industry section of ​​Rotterdam International Film Festival, since the same year.
In 2020 he joined the selection committee of CineMart and also the preselection committee of Hubert Bals Fund.
He is a partner at
Imprudencia ("Monster God", 2019), and co-founder of The Short Film Lab.

Maca Herrera Bravo

Maca is dedicated to production, curation, and communications in the cultural industry.
Through the years, she worked at many film festivals such as
BAFICI and Mar del Plata International Film Festival (FIAPF). She was also Head of BAL-Buenos Aires Lab, BAFICI’s industry platform. And she has been Director of Communications at the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires.
She is Producer and Distributor of Monster God (
72º Festival de Cannes), and she has been Assistant Director and Producer of Héctor (69º Berlinale), both independent short films.
She coordinates the training activities at the
European Film Festival in Argentina, and she is co-director of The Short Film Lab.

Logo Proimágenes Colombia_COLOR.png
logo-ECE-2020_versiones-01 (1).png
Captura de pantalla 2022-03-06 a la(s) 13.38.29.png
LOGO PRISMA bajada UC.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-04-23 a la(s) 18.39.50.png
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